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Who are we?

Our team of more than 40 Data Scientists and Analytics Consultants are well-versed in the application of a wide set of techniques such as Data Mining and Machine Learning, enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI) for organizations and businesses using a variety of commercial and open-source software in different domains. We are a cross-disciplinary team with Data Scientists coming from a multitude of backgrounds, including Statistics, Machine Learning, Computer Science and Engineering.

We have worked on numerous iconic projects across the private and public sectors. Today we continue to transform processes and serve deep analytical insights through the AI projects we deliver for our customers.

Our Business Analytics and AI Services

AI Consultancy Service
AI Product Deployment
AI Model Development and Maintenance
Are you ready for AI?
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Delivering expert AI solutions

Given the expansion of digital disruption across every industry today, AI should be a key component of any organization’s strategy. We conduct workshops to advise our customers on potential AI opportunities and best practices. We also partner with customers to gain business understanding for AI readiness assessments and perform Proof-of-Concepts.

Our partnerships with established software partners in the AI industry, as well as competencies in these commercial and open-source AI tools allow rapid setup and configuration of AI software products in our clients’ environments.

Our Data Scientists apply techniques (such as Data Mining and Machine Learning) and algorithms to analyse, model, develop and deploy AI capabilities to solve various business problems. We also provide post-development support to ensure models consistently deliver up-to-date insights.

Industries that we have impacted using Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Financial Services

Providing AI Solutions for leading Financial Institutions

The global financial services industry (FSI) not only needs to adjust to rapidly-changing market conditions, it also needs to control costs, increase operational efficiency, enhance security and accelerate revenue growth.

We have achieved success in working with our FSI customers to launch several AI solutions including:

  • Intelligent Chatbot
  • Cognitive Claims
  • Cognitive Underwriting
  • Automation of Lead Qualification and Generation


Boosting Commercial Growth and Success with AI

Companies are faced with an increasingly diverse population of competitors, customers and workers in a global economy. We help companies seek revenue growth, cost efficiencies and service enhancement opportunities through automation and analytics.

Our proven AI capabilities in the Commercial sector include:

  • Human Resource Analytics
  • Procurement Fraud Analytics
  • Product Sales and Pricing Analytics
  • Customer Churn Analytics
  • Credit Risk Analytics

Public Safety

Driving AI Innovation in National Security

Having to fight multiple complex threats such as terrorism, public safety agencies must strengthen their ability to react rapidly to critical situations. AI empowers organizations to stay ahead of such threats and ensures they remain sufficiently agile to protect the country’s population and security needs.

Our Data Science team has delivered various AI capabilities in the Public Safety sector, including:

  • IT Infrastructure Anomaly Detection
  • Land Border Clearance Time Prediction and Resource Recommendation
  • Risk Analytics for Policy Planning


Achieving Operational Excellence in Transport using AI

Dramatic changes in population have driven an increase in demand for efficient and quality transportation. We study potential applications of AI for vehicles, transportation infrastructure, drivers and commuters to deliver smart, world-class transport solutions.

Our past AI projects in Smart Transportation include:

  • Public Bus Real-Time Analytics
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Airline Risk Analytics
  • Airport Passenger Flow Prediction and Resource Optimisation


Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency, Education Quality and More with AI

Government agencies today are expected to reduce operational costs while still delivering quality service. AI can play a role in transforming business and IT processes within various public sectors to optimize resources, improve stakeholder engagement and consequently, provide quality service.

Our AI expertise has impacted Public Sector organizations in key projects, such as:

  • Hospital Patient Load Forecasting
  • Hospital Resource Simulation
  • Student Performance Prediction
  • Contact Centre Analytics
  • Survey Text Analytics

Our Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Success Stories

Revenue Generation
Prompt Pricing Strategies

Using Natural Language Processing, Text Mining and Recommendation Engine algorithms, we developed a user-friendly AI query system for the sales associates of a consumer goods company to generate insights from raw sales data. This enabled the sales team to react swiftly to patterns in consumer purchasing behaviour with targeted pricing strategies and marketing campaigns, resulting in higher sales volumes.

Cost Optimisation
Improved Employee Productivity

Powered by Natural Language Processing and Predictive Analytics, our mobile chatbot application for Prudential responds to employees’ queries and provides e-support. The chatbot is estimated to reduce call volumes by 30%, improving the operational productivity and efficiency of Prudential call centre operations. Within a month from its launch, more than half of Prudential’s 4,000 Financial Consultants have used the chatbot to access real-time information.

Service Excellence
Extended Equipment Lifespan

We used Predictive Analytics to forecast potential equipment faults across a fleet of 26,000 units in subsequent months. Previously faced with an increase in breakdown incidents and degradation of equipment lifespan, our customer achieved a reduction in equipment fault downtime, improvement in maintenance scheduling and extended equipment lifespans with our Predictive Analytics solution.

Workforce Satisfaction
Higher Talent Retention

We used Machine Learning techniques, including Predictive Analytics and Cluster Analysis to identify high potential individuals who are at risk of attrition, as well as the key attrition drivers. The actionable insights generated by our analysis enabled our customer to implement retention measures and mitigate talent attrition.

Analytics Services

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